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Quincy (Little Einsteins) Sign in to edit Do-Gooder Full Name Quincy Alias (es) None Origin Little Einsteins Occupation Musician Powers / Skills Instrument skills Hobby Playing instruments. Goals Depends on each episode (succeeded) Family Unknown Friends / Allies Annie June Leo Rocket Carmine (good friend) Enemies

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Quincy and the Magic Instruments is the first episode of Season 2 and the twenty-ninth episode overall of the series Little Einsteins. However, in production order, it's the third episode of Season 2 and the thirty-first episode overall. Quincy makes a most incredible discovery - a mysterious box containing four magical instruments from his father! It consists of a flute, a trumpet, a harp.

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Little Einsteins Park attractions Disney Junior - Live on Stage! Voice Aiden Pompey Mitchell Zhangazha (UK version) Character information Occupation Little Einstein Musician Likes Playing music, having fun, being helpful, playing instruments, Annie Dislikes The dark, spiders, trouble Paraphernalia

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Little Einsteins' Quincy is, without a doubt, the best music teacher a child can have! Do you want to learn more about him and even become his student? Then make sure to read on! He is the member of a special team with a suggestive name and a clear mission: teaching young children about art in all its forms.

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"Quincy and the Magic Instruments" is the twenty-ninth episode of Little Einsteins and the first episode of the second season, after completing the final missions of the first season, which is the split episodes of their very first movie. It premiered on January 13, 2007. Quincy finds four Magic Instruments in his room: a trumpet, a flute, a harp, and a little triangle. But then, Quincy gets a.

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Quincy (voiced by Aiden Pompey in the US and Mitchell Zhangazgha in the UK) is a five-year-old [4] Algerian-American boy who plays a variety of instruments, including the drum, violin, flute, and trumpet (making him a musician ). At some point in most episodes, Quincy exclaims, "I cannot believe it!" when surprised or amazed.

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Quincy's Instruments are objects that are seen in many episodes of Little Einsteins. Contents 1 Violin 1.1 Object Summary 1.2 Episodes Used 1.3 Gallery 2 Cello 2.1 Object Summary 2.2 Episodes Used 2.3 Gallery 3 Bass 3.1 Object Summary 3.2 Episodes Used 3.3 Gallery 4 Trumpet 4.1 Object Summary 4.2 Episodes Used 4.3 Gallery 5 Trombone

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This Episode of Little Einsteins is called Quincy and the Magic InstrumentsThe premiere of Season 2 begins that Quincy is playing his French horn in his room.

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Leo, Annie, June and Quincy travel in their rocket to the snowy Himalayan Mountains where Santa has dropped off Annie's gift!Watch Little Einsteins in the Di.

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Name: Quincy Gender: Male Age: 5 Species: Human Occupation: Multi-Instrumentalist Relatives: TBA Friends: Annie Leo June Rocket Big Jet ( Show and Tell) Melody Carmine the Music Car Tapper Magic Instruments

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20:26. Little Einsteins Little Einsteins S02 E001 Quincy and the Magic Instruments. johnsondennis44. 26:36. Little Einsteins Season 3 Episode 1 - Quincy & The Magic Instruments. linda42walker. 6:12. Little Einsteins Game Quincy and the Magic Instruments. Muhezowufo.

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2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 3 Book Uses 4 Differences 5 Gallery 6 Allusions Object Summary In "The Birthday Balloons", Quincy uses his violin bow to play the vines that sound like the violin in order to free Rocket. In "Go West, Young Train!", Quincy uses his violin to find a path that sounds a violin in the party bag to find Big Jet.

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