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Kibbe Body Types the Ultimate Guide

Disclaimer: These are only David Kibbe recommendations, this doesn't mean this is the way you should dress to look good. The romantic dressing lines should be soft and round. Flowing but fitted items work best. Waist definition is very important. Look for lightweight or sheer fabrics. Round necklines look great.

(1) Dramatic Classic with a Natural essence Kibbe Classic style

Kibbe ID Style Lines. Dramatic Classic Style Guide. Soft Dramatic Style Guide. Flamboyant Natural Style Guide. Soft Classic Style Guide. Soft Natural Style Guide. Theatrical Romantic Style Guide. Soft Gamine Style Guide. (all IDs will be added with time, in the meantime, you can check out the general overview in the post below)

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Body Type the Complete Guide Theatrical

The Kibbe body type system is an image identity system created by David Kibbe in his book Metamorphis in the 1980s. If this is sounding familiar, you are probably already aware that it is a system that types people based on three main factors: their bone structure, their flesh and how it lays on top of their bones, and their facial features.

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Poshmark is really good, just look up terms you like and so many things will pop up, a lot of times new with tags. I like the website "Unique Vintage", they have a lot of really cute romantic type of clothes. Zara, Lulu's, free people. If I had a lot of money, definitely Zimmermann & Dolce Gabbana ! 14. baerbelchen.

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The Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Body Type Guide: Curves, Drama, and Femininity By: Thalia Barrera Published: April 22, 2023 - Last updated: May 1, 2023 The Kibbe Theatrical Romantic body shape is one of the most alluring and enchanting body types, characterized by a combination of delicate, feminine features with a touch of drama.

Romantic with a Classic essence. Kibbe Romantic clothing style

Kibbe types have two romantic body types, i.e. the romantic type and the theatrical romantic type. HEIGHT: Moderate to petite, usually 5 feet 5 inches and under. BODY TYPE: Soft and voluptuous, although trim and smallish (as opposed to wide and bulky). Hourglass figure; curvy bustline and hips with a waspish waist. Soft or fleshy arms and legs.

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Romantic is one of the original 13 kibbe body types, we would suggest you to take a kibbe test to find out your body type. A romantic body type tends to have extreme, soft yin body parts. Calculating these proportions, stylists identified 13 types of appearance.

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According to Kibbe's theory, romantics are women with an attractive figure, ideal proportions, and an overall softness in appearance. A specific set of external characteristics is determined by an analysis of appearance - height, bone structure, physique, facial features. Ashley Judd is a Kibby-type romantic A romantic according to Kibbe maybe:

David Kibbe. Theatrical Romantic. Типаж "Театральный Романтик" по

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Being soft, luscious, and rounded all over, Romantic's answers to the Kibbe body type test are mostly E which means her Skeleton (shoulders, limbs, vertical line), Body Flesh (bust, waist, hips), and Facial Features (jawline, nose, cheekbones, lips, eyes, cheeks) are extreme Yin-dominant (feminine) with very, very little to no trace of Yang (mas.

David Kibbe Romantic. Романтический типаж по Дэвиду Кибби. Часть 1

Facial features: Lush; full, and sensual (rounded). Large, luminous eyes. Full lips. Fleshy cheeks. Hair: Soft and luxurious. May be silky and wispy, or thick and wavy/curly. Coloring: Any coloring (warm or cool, high-contrast or blended) is possible but a Romantic usually has a delicate skin tone that is luminous or translucent. If overweight:

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This is a guide on Kibbe Romantic Body Type And How To Integrate It Into Wardrobe, Clothes & Makeup. Here you can get to know more about all 13 Kibbe Body Ty.

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KIBBE | Romantic Romantic Kibbe Shopping Guide: Head to Toe By Charmaine As an affiliate, Answearable earns from qualifying purchases at NO cost to you. Learn More. This article is all about Romantic Kibbe shopping guide for each piece of clothing and accessory. Please note that these are only examples.


A romantic body type woman is usually associated with an ethereal, delicate blonde with a petite curvy body, and David Kibbe had a completely different vision. According to his concept, a representative of the romantic type basically has the most feminine body structure.

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The Kibbe Romantic (one of 10 image identify types described by David Kibbe) exists as luscious, soft yin, expressed by curved lines and rounded bone structure. this. Are you here because you think you might be a Romantic type in Kibbe's system? Romantics have an extreme curviness, showing up in curved shapes and round lines.

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hey guys! This took a while of thinking to get done but I hope it helps! The first step to being able to effectively style yourself is to find out your kibbe type. Here is a link to the test I took-